Ticket Procedures for Friday's (10/23/2020) Football Game vs. Brownstown Central

Tiger Fans,

Because  of the increased numbers of COVID-19 in Dearborn County, it is my (Dr. Eliason) recommendation that the schools take action to limit attendance and crowd size at sporting events and other group activities.

In lieu of Dr. Eliason's recommendation, Lawrenceburg High School will be going back to the 250 person limit for for our Sectional Football game vs. Brownstown Central on Friday Night.

This means that we can only have 250 fans enter on the Plaza Level and 250 fans enter on the Field Level.

Due to this change, here is the procedure we will be using for tickets for this Friday's (10/23/2020) Sectional Football Game.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020:

6 pm - 7 pm:  Tickets will be sold to the families of Football Players, Football Managers, Cheerleaders, Band Members, and Coaches.  

Senior Football Players, Senior Managers, Senior Cheerleaders, and Senior Band Members will be allowed to purchase FOUR (4) TICKETS on Wednesday night.

Underclass Football Players, Underclass Managers, Underclass Cheerleaders, Underclass Band Members, and Coaches/Directors will be allowed to purchase TWO (2) Tickets on Wednesday night.

Wednesday night's (10/21/2020) Pre-sale will be held at the Lauren Hill Entrance (Pool/Gym Entrance) of the LHS Gym.

Tickets not sold on Wednesday night, will go toward the HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT Ticket Sale during SRT on Thursday (10/22/2020).

Thursday, October 22, 2020


LHS will have a Pre-Sale for LHS students at the Main Gym Entrance at the Plaza on Thursday (10/22/2020) during SRT, if there are any tickets available from the visiting team and the Wednesday pre-sale.

Seniors will have first opportunity to purchase tickets, then junior, then sophomores, and then freshmen.  Students are limited to purchasing one ticket per student.

Sectional Admission is $6 for all fans.  No passes WILL BE accepted.

ALL people attending the Sectional Game MUST wear a mask at all times and are to socially distance in the stands.