Guidelines for fans traveling to Rising Sun for Varsity Boys Soccer tonight (8/24/2020)

Tiger Fans!

Below is information regarding the Varsity Boys Soccer match at Rising Sun tonight (8/24/2020).  Tonight's start is a 5 pm start.  This game is Varsity only.


  • Governor Holcomb’s Executive Order requires face coverings in public. Therefore, all fans will be required to wear face coverings while attending Rising Sun events. However, soccer is an outdoor event, and the Executive Order allows face coverings to be removed when six feet of social distancing can be maintained. 

  • If you are not socially distanced with family members, you will be required to wear a face covering. Whenever an individual moves to go to the concession stand, restroom, or entering/exiting, they must have their face coverings on. 

  • The soccer bleachers will be limited to 50% capacity to allow for social distancing. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs but are reminded to maintain 6 feet between family units. Students grade 8 and under will be required to sit with parents or family members of players. Students/children will not be allowed to roam freely. 

  • Athletes will be required to wear face coverings from the time they arrive until they begin any form of strenuous exercise. Athletes and team personnel will be required to wear a face covering when not participating and in the team bench area. 

  • Rising Sun will provide one jug of water for the visiting team to refill bottles during the game. All athletes need to bring his/her own water bottle. One person should be designated to refill water bottles for the athletes. 

  • Only pre-packaged items will be sold at the concession stand. 

  • NO congregating before/after events, as well as, near the concession stand.