LCSC Spectator Policy For Athletic Events

Tiger Fans,

The Lawrenceburg Community School Corporation (LCSC) Fall Athletic Spectator Policy was approved yesterday by the Dearborn County Health Director.  It is attached for everyone to view and adhere to the guidelines at each of the activities you may attend.

Some highlights to the LCSC Fall Athletic Spectator Policy include:

Some points to emphasize include; 

  1. The Football Stadium will be capped at 250 spectators on the Plaza Level and 250 spectators on the Field Level. 

  2. Fans entering at the Plaza Level will not be able to access the field level.

  3. Fans entering at the Field Level will not be able to access the Plaza Level.

  4. The LHS Main Gym, GMS Gym, and the Track/Soccer Stadium will be capped at 250 spectators

  5. All spectators (elementary, middle and high school students not participating) must remain in the bleachers at all matches/games.

  6. Due to the uncertainty of having future events due to COVID-19, the Athletic Department will not be selling all-sports passes for the 2020 Fall Sports Season.  We will revisit this policy and make the proper adjustments for the 2020-2021 Winter Sports Season and 2021 Spring Sports Season.

  7. Tickets will be sold at the door for all contests, except Varsity Football. 

  8. For Varsity Football, each LHS football player/manager, cheerleader, band member/color guard and coach will have the opportunity to purchase two (2) tickets, for each home Varsity Football game, in advance. 

      • Advanced tickets for varsity football must be purchased from the athletic office by 3:00 pm on the Wednesday before the game.   

  9. For Varsity Football, Visiting teams will have the opportunity to purchase two (2) tickets, for their contest vs. LHS, in advance.  
      • The pre-sale is only for the families of players/managers, cheerleaders, and coaches.

      • Visiting teams must submit their Varsity Football pre-sale order to the LHS Athletic Department by 3:00 pm on the Wednesday before the scheduled contest.  Tickets will then be sent to the visiting team to distribute to the fans that purchased tickets.

  10. The remaining tickets for the Varsity Football game will then be pre-sold on Thursday evening from 5:00-7:00 pm on the LHS Plaza until capacity is reached for each level of the stadium.
  11. Senior Citizen passes will be accepted as a ticket.
  12. All spectators must have a physical ticket in hand to enter the gate. This is for Varsity Football only.

To access the spectator policy, please click on the attached link.  LCSC Spectator Policy For Athletic Events.

You will also be able to access the policy on the LHS, GMS, LHS Athletic, and GMS Athletic websites

We thank you in advance for following these guidelines so we may serve our student-athletes and patrons safely.  It is important for everyone to adhere to the guidelines so activities may continue.