Athletic Message Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tiger Nation:

We want to keep you as informed as possible about the status of LHS Athletics and Activities as we maneuver through the coronavirus pandemic.  This is a very difficult time, we ask that you be patient and understanding as we make decisions that are best for our student-athletes and community members.  The situation is changing at a very rapid pace and is very fluid.

Let's start with spring sports.  The IHSAA has informed all member schools that the show will still go on.  What this means is that individual schools will be the ones making decisions about their contests.  They also pointed out that the IHSAA eligibility rules will still be enforced.  This means that all athletes must have their ten pre-participation practices completed before they can compete.  Please review the IHSAA by-law regarding rule 9-14, Rule 50 and Rule 101.  You can find the by-laws at under member services.

We will cancel, postpone, or reschedule contests for teams that cannot get their ten practices in before the first scheduled contest.  Please keep in mind, contests could also be cancelled due to the other school not having their required practices completed or not being in school.  Right now with Ohio closing schools until April 6, our track meet with Taylor on April 2 and our JV Baseball game with St. Xavier on April 4 will be cancelled.

Spring sports can have outside practices over break, but in the case of inclement weather, teams will either have to practice outside in inclement weather, as long as conditions are safe, or cancel practice.  This will decision will be made by each individual coach.  We want to keep people from the building over break to give custodians the opportunity to clean the facility.

We are trying to keep outside visitors in a building to a minimum.  That said we are postponing all parent meetings, banquets, and other activities (physical night, fundraisers, leagues) during the month of April.  

Non LHS athletic teams will not be able to practice at our facilities during the month of April.

We will make a determination at a later date, over break or when we get back from spring break, regarding off-season workouts, including weights and conditioning, limited contact period workouts, and cheer try-outs.

We will post information to our web-site, once we get a new date for the Beacon Physical Night and for the Hall of Fame Ceremony

Below is a list of athletic related activities that are already cancelled or postponed.    

  • 3/26: Baseball Parent Meeting is cancelled.

  • 3/26-28: Baton Twirling Competition is cancelled.

  • 3/30: Boys Basketball Banquet will be postponed to a later date.

  • 3/31: Wrestling Banquet will be postponed to a later date.

  • 4/2: Varsity Track meet vs. Taylor is cancelled.

  • 4/2: Band Parent Meeting is cancelled

  • 4/3: Tigerettes performance at Nationals is cancelled

  • 4/3: Bowling Fundraiser for Baseball is postponed to a later date.

  • 4/4: JV Baseball vs. St. Xavier is cancelled.

  • 4/7: Cheer Banquet is postponed to a later date.

  • 4/8: V Boys Golf vs. Milan is cancelled

  • 4/15: Beacon Physical Night will be postponed to 5/27.

  • 4/15: Cheer Parent Meeting will be postponed to a later date.

  • 4/15: Football Parent Meeting has been postponed to a later date.

  • 4/18: V Boys Golf at Richmond Invite is cancelled

  • 4/22: Awards Night is cancelled (Academic Medallion).

  • 4/25: Athletic Hall of Fame is postponed to a later date.

This situation is very fluid.  Things can and will change at a rapid pace.  Please keep an eye on your emails and messages on the LCSC and LHS Athletic web-sites.  

Thanks for being understanding and patient during this trying time.