Colin Mueller Receives IHSAA Exemplary Report and Sportsmanship Pin

Congrats to Tiger baseball player Colin Mueller on earning an IHSAA Exemplary Report and a Sportsmanship Pin for his unselfish acts and sportsmanship in the JV Tigers baseball game vs. Rushville.

Here is the report from one of the umpires in the game, who submitted the report.

"During the last inning of a rain aided JV game, a Rushville player was subbed in to get an at-bat. This player did not play the whole game until this moment and judging by his teammates, is not a player who gets a lot of playing time. During the second pitch of the at-bat, the player swung and the bat flew out of his hands due to how wet it was. The Rushville player then asked his teammates if anyone had some batting gloves he could wear. None of them volunteered any batting gloves to the batter, then the catcher #8 from Lawrenceburg (Colin Mueller) offered up a batting glove without hesitation to the Rushville player. You could tell by the look on the Rushville player's face that meant a lot to him and I was very happy to see that kind of sportsmanship taking place, especially in a monsoon!" 

Congrats to Colin on showing such tremendous sportsmanship!  Proud he's a Tiger!