Lawrenceburg Community School Corporation eLearning Guide

What is eLearning?

eLearning is learning utilizing technologies to access educational curriculum and opportunities previously inaccessible inside and outside of a traditional classroom.

LCSC eLearning Mission/Vision

Lawrenceburg Community School Corporation’s eLearning will provide meaningful educational experiences with an emphasis on teacher/student collaboration to foster critical and creative thinking in an individualized student-centered environment. We aim to be a regional leader in eLearning through the implementation of best practices, exceptional technology support, and a commitment to innovative educational techniques.

LCSC eLearning Objectives:

  1. Provide a learning management platform (i.e. - Google Classroom, Class DOJO) that supports our focus.
  2. Support a culture of continuous learning and innovation.
  3. Provide safe and accessible means for student/teacher collaboration.
  4. Collect real-time data using formative assessment tools based on the daily learning target.
  5. Facilitate community partnerships to harness internet accessibility.
  6. Maintain work continuity between traditional and nontraditional educational opportunities.
  7. Individually support students’ educational needs and accommodations.

Staff and Students eLearning FAQ

  1. Can we just assign students paper/pencil homework?
    • No. The IDOE requires that eLearning materials utilize technology. (The only students that may receive paper/pencil eLearning work are students with an accommodation written into their IEPs or ILPs.)
  2. What about students without internet? Will our school have labs open?
    • Community partnership/access points: public library, community center, various hot spots throughout the City of Lawrenceburg (specific locations will be provided).
    • No labs are currently planned to be available.
    • Students will be expected to complete work, but in the case of connectivity issues or lack of internet at home, students will have two days to complete their work upon returning to school.
  3. Who will kids call/speak to with connectivity issues?
    • Students and staff are encouraged to submit a Help Ticket using Chromebook Bookmark or iPad Tile. Should the issue prevent submission of a help ticket, parents, students, and teachers could call the LCSC Administration Office directly at: 812-537-7201.
    • Additional resources can be found at the following link: http://www.lburg.k12.in.us/elearning-day-info
  4. Will students be able to access lessons beforehand and download here at school and be able to complete work that day?
    • Yes, when available.
  5. What are the time expectations for teachers?
    • eLearning assignments will be made available no later than 9:00 AM of the eLearning day. eLearning assignments may be available earlier than 9:00 AM of the eLearning day.
    • For each class taught, a teacher would need to post approximately 30 minutes worth of time-on-task learning material. Teachers would then need to be checking into Google Classroom, Class DOJO/SeeSaw, etc and email to answer student questions from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM during the eLearning day and available during the next two school days in school to answer questions if needed.
    • Online office hours may vary depending on the type of eLearning day.
    • If a teacher has not responded within 15-20 minutes, we encourage parents to contact the building principal or assistant principal to assist with communication with the teacher.
  6. Should eLearning material be graded?
    • Yes. The IDOE and LCSC require teachers take grades for eLearning activities.
  7. How do we post our eLearning instructions?
    • Teachers will utilize Google Classroom, Class DOJO, and/or SeeSaw for posting instructions.
  8. Are there specific requirements about the type of online content we assign?
    • Yes. The IDOE requires eLearning material to be valid educational content, address the standards, and relate directly to what is being taught in the classroom from the previous day or days.
  9. What Kind Of Support Or Guidance Has Been Provided To Teachers To Set This Up?
    • LCSC Teachers Have A Working Knowledge Of Google Classroom, Class DOJO, And/Or SeeSaw To Create Discussions, Assignments, And Post Lesson Plans To Facilitate Learning. In Addition, Teachers Obtained Building-Based Training In Padlet, EdPuzzle And Flipgrid As Additional Collaborative Platforms. LCSC Teachers Have Been Provided With Professional Development In Best Practices In ELearning. Practice ELearning Activities Have Been Executed. LCSC Technology Integration Specialists Are Always Available Via Email And In Our Buildings To Provide Individualized Support.
  10. What Are The Consequences For Students Who Do Not Complete The Work?
    • Students Not Completing ELearning Work May Face The Same Consequence For A Normal Class Session. Additionally, Students Not Participating In ELearning Work May Be Counted As An Unexcused Absence.
  11. Will Teachers Be Available To “Interact” With The Students During The ELearning Day?
    • Yes. Tools Such As Discussions Or Email On Google, Class Dojo, And SeeSaw Allow For Instant Communication.
  12. How Will The School Handle ELearning Days In Situations That Result In Multiple Days Off School?
    • If School Is Canceled For One Day Or Two Consecutive Days, School Will Operate As An ELearning Day For Each Day. In Situations Resulting In Three Or More Consecutive Days Out Of School, Make-Up Days Will Be Used For Any Days Missed Beyond Two.